THE SCAMMER…continued


So I had confronted the scammer, and he begged for time to explain. But I was angry, and his praying hand emoji just made me more angry.

Me: “Unless you have a good explanation for doing this, I am not interested in talking to you anymore.. I don’t have time to waste on a scammer.”

Scam man: “I am tempted to come clean with you of this man Lars. But I have to be sure you are really who you say you are. Please take my call.”

Me: “No.”

Now at this point I was between angry and still hooked into the emotion of This man Lars. I didn’t know what to say anymore because I felt confused about the situation. Betrayed and confused.

Scam man: “I read between the lines a few days ago and I knew you only wanted to play along with me.”

Me: “What are you getting out of it?”

Scam man: “I am only having this conversation with you because I feel there is something special about you. Unless it’s just the Universe playing a trick on me and using you to grab my emotions.”

Me: “So who the heck are you? Be honest. For one thing I know your name isn’t Lars.”

Scam man: “Yes.” Here there were a couple of deleted texts. Then the truth came out. “I’m a black man!”

There was a stunned silence from me. There was no response from him. Then he started to write. “I am not happy about what I do.”

Me: “Then why are you doing it?”

Scam man: “I have no better options.”

Me: “Everyone has an option.”


Me: “It’s time for you to find your way out of it.”

Now at this point I was between mother Theresa and the devil. This man was appealing to my benevolent side, but I was still angry.

Me: “Stop lying to women.”

Scam man. “It brings tears to my eyes every time I do it. It’s not fun for me, but I have no other option.”

Me: “I will never have given you money, it that’s what you wanted.”

Scam man: “I am waiting for something to take me off this path. I never was going to ask you for money. I pray every morning to be taken off this path.”

Me: “Then get off this path now. Make me your last victim.”

Scam man: “I am restrained from telling you my story. But I am just trying to survive.”

Me: “You are spending a lot of energy with me for no money.”

Scam man. “Have you ever met anyone from Nigeria before?”

Me: “Yes, but not like this.”

Scam man: “What about Ghana?”

The conversation went on like this for a while, him explaining the poverty in his country, and then him telling me he was a thirty six year old Nigerian man who was in debt to a crime syndicate. I blocked him here, and sat back to think about things. I was still emotionally involved with Lars and his life, now I found out there was no life with Lars and the reality shifty made me very uncomfortable.

To be continued…..

Published by Christene Ho'o

I'm a displaced British expat. Trying to find cool solitude in this wasteland of California. I write, practice Chinese martial arts, and travel the world

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